What every home buyer should know…

Whether you are considering the purchase of a new home or a resale home, Luxury Home Specialists Group Agents will provide outstanding service to you. You will benefit greatly from our experience. And, the cost of our commission is generally at no expense to you – it is typically paid by the Builder or home Seller!

Let us represent your best interests while streamlining your home buying experience.
1. Expert consultation

Understand the home purchasing process – From beginning to end, the process of finding, purchasing and closing on a home can be time consuming and complex. A professional Real Estate Agent can make your experience easier, safer and fun. We will efficiently and effectively guide your journey through agency relationships , the thousands of homes currently on the market, contract negotiations and contract compliance, inspections, loan and closing processes and more. You can be confident that you will be well prepared for each decision you will need to make along the way. The top resources and tools will be at your disposal. Let us educate you in ways that will benefit you throughout a lifetime of real estate transactions!

2. Be pre-qualified

Know in advance what purchase price range is the most appropriate for you. Save yourself hours of time and effort in looking only at homes that are within your range. And, when the time comes, make an offer with confidence and a documented “pre-approval” letter that will strengthen your offer! Another major benefit to being pre-approved is you will have the opportunity to meet and screen lenders in advance. This will ensure you are comfortable and well informed regarding the wide range of loan options and lenders available PRIOR to writing a contract when time is often short! Knowing what to expect financially is one of the most critical aspects in your decision making process!

3. Independent Representation

There is an important distinction regarding INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATION whether you are purchasing new construction or resale homes.

New Construction:
Have a professional Real Estate Agent negotiate with Builders on your behalf!  There are important benefits to working with an Agent who is familiar with a wide variety of Builders and Developments.  Whether you are planning on purchasing a pre-built “spec” home in a new home development, or having a custom home built on the land of your dreams, we can assist you in choosing a builder, finding land and working through the many processes from beginning to end!  Ask us how we can support you!

Resale Homes: If purchasing a home that is For Sale By Owner or directly though a Listing Agent on a property, you are missing critical representation that can save you thousands of dollars – before, during and after the sale of a home!  Be sure to visit the Agency Relationship page for detailed information.

4. Negotiation

Much more than just determining a purchase price!  Let us advise you on the subtleties of negotiations for your new home.

  • Purchase price -  market conditions, neighborhood statistics
  • Terms
  • Inclusions
  • Inspection objection items
  • Possession of property
  • Property specific information

5. Support with inspections, appraisals, surveys and more

Executing a contract to buy a home is only the beginning.  We will help you understand the aspects of the contract that support your rights and well being as a Home Purchaser.  To ensure the home you choose is a wise investment and there will be no hidden surprises – we will assist you with having critical inspections designed to protect you!

6.  The closing process

The “unexpected” is never a welcome guest at a closing table.  Our Agents use Transaction Management Services to monitor all details, deadlines and communication from the time you place a contract on a home to the time you close!  This outstanding service minimizes risk and surprises as well as protects your rights as defined in the contract.  You may have peace of mind knowing that your critical deadlines are met and that all parties are well supported in bringing your transaction to a successful closing!

7. After the closing

When you need additional information or support after the closing is complete, Luxury Home Specialists Agents will be there!  It is our goal to become long term partners with you.  As you need assistance, advice, or support, we will continue to be available to you.  We appreciate your business, not just for one transaction but for all of your ongoing real estate needs.

8. Referrals

How often have you wished a trusted friend or colleague could recommend a professional to you rather than relying on finding a stranger on the internet or phone book?  We will work diligently to deserve your business and your confidence in us a first class provider of real estate services! After you become acquainted with our service, we encourage you to confidently recommend our service to others who will appreciate working with ethical, reliable professionals.  Your friends will thank you and we will too!

Contact me now to discuss your real estate goals!  We look forward to serving You!